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All University In Dhaka To Declare War Against IUB As It Was Ranked No.1 University In Bangladesh


As we all know that recently in world university ranking IUB stood first defeating famous universities like BUET, NSU, BRAC and all other universities. But no one knows how it came to the top and all other universities are complaining about it.


As IUB stood first in ranking it is seen that students from IUB bragging at the gate of NSU. Students of IUB has reached another level of self pride. Now seeing this all other universities are feeling the burn of their prideness. They have declared to fight against IUB in order to reduce such bragging of IUB.

When we talked to BUET students about it we have seen them boiling at higher temperature than the sun. They are very mad about this. They worked and studied all day and night just to study i top ranked institution but after getting admitted they are seeing IUB tops the list. So they also will be engaged in the fight.


We really hope to look forward to such a great clash of universities. We wish may the best win and claim their top spot. We wish IUB best of luck just to have such a great position for a few days.


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