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After Dating A Girl From Dhanmondi I Was Lost In Amazon Rainforest


She was just a Dhanmondi girl. Never thought she will make me lost in a full Amazon Rain Forest. She was totally a whole new level for me.So this story started when I had breakup with my KHEYT Puran Dhakaiya girlfriend. I just needed to warm myself because it was winter. So I started looking for hot chicks on facebook here and there. The moment I saw that Labonno Khan girl on a friend’s profile picture, every parts of me said go ahead.

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Her biggy biggy melons made 207 bones in my body. No she can’t be a human. She was goddess. I wrote “Hey SaXx , Nyc lagsa” on her dp with lil fear. She reacted love on that comment. Finally I got confident and knocked her. We did chat whole night that day. She told me to meet next day. May be it was because I told her I own a BMW Z4. I didn’t care what was her motive , all I just did care was her biggy biggy melons that I was going to grab. So I had to ask my best friend for his car, I took picture with. I managed him to give me the car for few hours.

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I picked Labonno Khan from her Dhanmondi’s house and we went to Jamuna Future Park. I did steal money from my dad’s pocket so like a gentle man I paid the bill. Then we went to the basement where I parked the car. That’s where WILD NILE started. After pushing inside her I just realized she was actually a goddess, she had full amazon rain forest inside her. I had a ride to the wonderland. I was lost inside her, in Amazon Rainforest.

I was obviously unemployed as I was only sixteen , but she gave me different kinds of job.Oh my god,thinking about it makes me lost again. But I got back in the Basement, Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka, the moment she said ” Babe thanks for the time But lets make it a casual date, okay? ” I said “okay babe” thinking about we are gonna have more casual time like this. After dropping her home , I went to text her but Messenger was saying “you can’t reply to this conversation,learn more” Of course I wanted to learn more about that Big Amazon Rain Forest, but that’s not fair huh.


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