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Abul Hayat To Replace Vin Diesel For Next Fast And Furious Movie


Famous Bengali actor Abul Hayat makes a great comeback by snatching the spotlight away from the famous actor Vin Diesel. It is a matter of great honor and very proud for all Bengali.


We asked Vin Diesel how he felt about such swap of actor and role. He replied that he is happy to handover his role to such a great actor who is from Bangladesh. Vin Diesel also discloses that he is a great fan of the Bengali nation and their films. So Vin Diesel is to pursue his career in Bangladesh film industry. While all the tickets of the new sequel of Fast and Furious is booked in all halls around the world before even the shoot starts for the film.


While we find Abul Hayat celebrating his success and giving a tough competition to all other actors such as Robert Downey Jr and all others. So stay tuned with us to know more about the film shooting and the outcome. It is to be reminded that everyone should hurry to buy the film tickets as this film is about to go out of this world to Mars.


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