Abul Hayat And Rubel Are More Smart And Attractive Bald Men Than Vin Diesel And Dwayne Johnson According To A Recent Research


We have seen so many bald people in our life either in reality or in movies. Some of us have mocked them too for not having hair on their head also we’ve seen many bald men drive the most exotic motorcycles like YAMAHA R15 V2. Meanwhile a recent research says that bald men are generally more intelligent & successful. They are found more masculine & attractive too.


That research shows us the way that we have such legendary bald actors like Abul Hayat & Rubel who have always been remarkable in the movie & film industry. Abul Hayat is generally known as “Babul Boxy” & Rubel is known as “Burel Panda.” In many movies & dramas, they have played such characters which clearly prove the research is absolutely correct. In some cases, they are found more handsome & successful than other world famous bald actors like Vin Diesel & Dwayne Johnson. 


So we should ensure the proper nurture of properties like Abul Hayat & Rubel so that we can be recognized world wide by their achievements.


Written by Goku

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