A Visit Outside Dhaka: Uttara


If you travel in the direction of far far away from Dhaka, you will reach Mirpur. But if you travel in the direction of far far far far away, you will reach Uttara. Uttara is the perfect place to take a trip with your family if you want to take  an “outside Dhaka but inside Bangladesh” trip. It will take you about 3 hours to reach Uttara from Dhaka. So pack some light food for the road. And perhaps something to read on the bus or some music to spend the time. OnCe you reach there you can either choose to stay at “ Modern duplex apartment Uttara model town hotel “ for $71 a night or stay at the “RRR family friendly cozy living hotel” for $15


Once you are at Uttara, There are many attractive sites to visit. The main attraction at Uttara is “Fantasy land”, an amusement park for kids where you can enjoy a lot of weird and creepy rise only for tk500. Then there is the other main attraction. The airport. If you are at Uttara but did not visit/get stuck in traffic in front of the airport, you didn’t really visit Uttara. To get the full Uttara experience take your family to visit the famous airport and enjoy the traffic jam. You will also find urban monkeys running around over Uttara. This you make you feel closer to nature. You can also enjoy overpriced average food at fancy restores like “ Shonartoree Restaurant For People With A Lot Of Cash” . Do try their famous “ I was so bored with life that I came to waste money on a Uttara trip” . It’s the best vegetarian ice cream ever. Feel free to also visit the famous “ RAJK UTTARA MODEL SCHOOL” , the pride and joy of Uttara. And when you are done ruining your life, you will spend about 5 hours in traffic while you try to get back to Dhaka from Uttara. Hope you have a nice



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