A True Tik Tok Love Story That Broke The Whole Internet


Tiktok- a very popular platform for the OVERLY CREATIVES!


Fahim, a 14-year-old Dhanmondi Brat was a star via tiktok. He prefers tiktok stardom over mainstream study life because “The only tiktok can bring me chicks and fame”. He also had a YouTube Channel which covered his videos. He named his channel “Fahim Tok”.  Oh Man! Though the views weren’t high numbered but he knew his potential would bring him a YouTube’s Golden Play Button Someday! He had a thousand followers. If I would have them, I would be that confident too! (Sad Reacts)

However, now the story we all are waiting for! The Love Story! The Romantic one! Ahh! Like every story, the Romeo had to meet a girl. In this story, Fahim met her via tiktok. Where else would he be finding his beloved? Her tiktok name was” Tuktuku” and real name turned out to be “Tukuki”. He came across her video and he never saw anyone that lovely! She was performing on “Teri akhoka Yoo kajaal” and “She is a bomb”- he thought to himself.

He commented “Facebook Friendship?” and she replied “Sure”. And then, “Friend Request Sent” and after some seconds “Accepted your friend request”! He waved and she waved back! At first, their new friendship led them to funny tiktok duet. After a month, both were in romantic duets and in the sweet trap of love. Tender age and love! What’s sweeter?


A week went by and suddenly Fahim doesn’t reply Tukutuku! That’s the name he used to call her with! Tukutuku is unseen zoned by Fahim for a WHOLE DAY! “What Happened?”, “R u ignoring meh Fahu?”, “Ok f9 Tata!” all were received by Fahim but none were being seen by him! “Why” she thought and cried. The next day she saw Fahim’s duet with another girl, in Tiktok. She is beautiful too! The caption shocked her. “With Bae <3”- this broke her heart. She never thought Fahu would do his to her! Such a Shihoron!! Out of self-realization, she blocked him and updated her bio to “EvEry ENdiNg iS a HaPpY EnDiNg, iF U R Nt hApPy tHeN  iT Is Nt An EnDinG!” Fahim was blocked!

Sources claim that there are millions of stories which are being uncovered like this story! Why? Any guesses? Do comment below!


Written by Zubaier Hossain

Someone who believes that whatever happens contains The Art within.

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