A Seagull Turns Bright Orange After It Falls Into Tikka Masala Curry

Yes, it’s the Seagull birds that you find in islands and beside the coasts that we are talking about. One these white and grey birdies has fallen into the most famous Indian Tikka Masala Curry and turned all bright orange!

Honestly, no one would even believe that it’s a Seagull anymore because it truly looks like some weird species of a Turkey bird. Although he was totally uninjured, this came off as a surprise to the hospital staff, where the gull was taken later.

Now the question arises, how did the Seagull fall into the Tikka Masala Curry?

Well, the poor thing was just trying to get a piece of meat from one of those factory bin ashtrays. However, he soon fell into a container full of chicken tikka masala. Thank God, it was just the masala and not any other spices that could have ruined or burned the ears or eyes of the beautiful creature.

Soon enough, the seagull was rescued by the factory workers in Wales and immediately rushed into a wildlife hospital. The staff in the hospital used a washing up liquid to get rid of the orange colour from its feathers. In fact, they even managed to get him back to his original white and grey colour! How amazing!

Sadly, they could not wash away the smell of chicken tikka masala from the gull.

The veterinary nurse, Lucy Kells said, “He really surprised all of us here – we have never dealt with a case like this before. What shocked us the most is that its smell. He smelled great, in fact, he smelled amazing!”

No one really knows how old the gull is, but the staff at the veterinary hospital estimated that he’s over two years because of the size of his feathers.

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