A Noakhailla And A Barishailla Guy Involved In A Heavy Fight For The Window Seat Of An AC Bus


Dhaka city is full of various types of peculiar people. Noakhailla & Barishailla people will surely be on top of that list of peculiar people.


Such a Noakhailla guy was found being involved in a terrible fight with another passenger when he rode on an AC bus. He arrived in the bus with other passengers after a lot of hassle. Then he looked around & found a seat beside the window. As there was another man ahead of him, he tried to throw his bag on the seat to claim that. But it didn’t reach there & so the other man sat on that seat who was ahead of him. It made him  angry & he started arguing with that person. Gradually he came to know the other person was a Barishailla after some argument. So that man didn’t sacrifice too his gained seat. So a heavy fight took place between them & both got injured.


Finally other passengers made them realize that window seat is not a major issue in an AC bus.


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