A New Bangladesh: 42069 Boys Already Signed Out From Instagram, Still Counting

It’s never easy to be abstained from every sort of misdeeds in the month of holy Ramadan. The amount of effort Bangladeshi boys has put up already is truly appreciable. Starting even from the very first day before fasting, a huge number of young lads prove their strong mindset against any kind of eye related sins.

It’s easy to have fast of mouth, but it’s too difficult for eyes. Keeping that in mind, boys have pulled the trigger against Instagram’s ongoing nude culture. They have showed it’s possible to avoid just if you want, without any context of banning websites or applications. Tremendously, boys from all over the country has joined in this united force.

Observing this new trend, few rising Instagram influencers from Bangladesh have showed their grudge against it. They have already showed their anger in their recent posts where number of boys commented and raised their voice over her. Also, these boys announced to leave Instagram which ensures the number will keep increased. But one of the influencers “Khushbu Alam” have sang in a different tone as she said, “it’s all about hypes. After 3-4 days boys will be going to miss us and come back to our laps again”. Her such reaction has created a buzz among the young boys.

General people are divided with their opinion. Some are praising this practice and hoping this will be continued even after Ramadan. But some people really didn’t appreciate such movement. As they created the point on freedom speech or act. Everyone has their own choices of leave. If you want to sign out, just do it. No need to launch event or creating hype regarding this context. Let’s see how far the water goes in the later part.


Written by Kakashi

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