A Lion Mistakenly Entered Into Raba Khan’s Nose Thinking That It Was A Cave

A lion was caught while entering into Raba Khan’s nose. Experts think that the lion made this mistake thinking that it was a cave.

Raba Khan is extremely popular for her enormous nose. She focuses on her nose while making self-made video. That is the only thing she wants to show everyone. As a result, now, people know how big her nose is! But, a beast doesn’t seem to be so smart to understand it.

Raba Khan was sleeping after spending a hectic day in shopping. Suddenly, a lion entered the house forgetting its way to the jungle. The lion was so frightened that it couldn’t resist itself from entering in a safe place. So, it saw a cave and attempted to enter into it. But, alas! It was Raba’s nose! As soon as the lion entered her nose, she caught it promptly. Then she reported to the due authority and authority rescued the misguided- unfortunate lion from the Raba Khan’s paw.

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