A Fresher Eats In ‘BotTola’ Of BRACU For The First Time And Gets Attacked With Diarrhoea


It has always been a dream of Kalam to be a student of Brac University. He fell in love with the Brac University after hearing a lot of admiration about it from so many people around him. After getting chance in the admission test of Brac University, his dreams came true. He arrived in Dhaka City for admission. He started to stay in his uncle’s house till the admission date comes.


Finally the day came & Kalam went to Brac University. After a lot of hassle, finally he managed to complete all the formalities of admission. He felt very hungry & decided to go to ‘BotTola’ to have some food & there’s where the trouble started. “What is in the menu?” He asked in a hotel of ‘BotTola’. “There are Rice, Shutki Vorta, Alu Vorta, Sorisha Vorta, Chingri Vorta & Chicken in the menu.” One of them replied.  Those items reminded him of his mother who used to cook delicious food for him. He was missing her cooked food. So he ordered three of them with rice. He ate with full satisfaction, paid the bill & started to go to his uncle’s house. After riding on the rickshaw, suddenly he felt uncomfortable. He found that some heavy blows were taking place in his stomach. He hurriedly reached his uncle’s house & ran straight to the washroom. On that day & the following day, he had to visit the washroom a lot of time.


Now-a-days Kalam has started to go to varsity to attend his classes. But whenever he walks by ‘BotTola’, the memories of those two days still haunt him & he leaves the place as quickly as possible.


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