A BUP Girl Threatens An EWU Girl Not To Text Her NSUian Boyfriend

The modern age is the era of love. This generation is hankering after love. They are doing everything for love. Now, a BUP girl threatened an EWU girl not to text her boyfriend who from NSU. Rubana, the BUP girl, has been in a relationship with NSU boy Sakib. They were having a good relationship over the months. But, recently Rubana has found that Sakib is avoiding her for nothing. She tried to find out the reason.

Then she found that, in Sakib’s profile picture, there is a love reaction of an EWU girl. She became fire at this. Then she found that Sakib also commented on that EWU girl’s photo whose name is Suzana. Rubana found that Suzana is the reason why Sakib is avoiding her. So, she texted her not to text her boyfriend Sakib. If Suzana does that again, Rubana will a file a case against Suzana for stealing boyfriend.

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