A BUET Guy Challenges A DU Guy In A Royal Rumble Fight For A BUP Girl

BUET and DU are close neighbour to each other. They are good friends by nature. But, sometimes, they fight for silly matters. Previously, they fought for weed. This time they are fighting for a BUP girl!

Purnima, the BUP lady, is anticipated to be the cutest girl in the history of BUP. She is a first year student. Her beauty attracts many vagabond boys. BUET guy, named Sakib, was stoking Purnima over a year. Sadman, the DU guy, joined the party from that day when the BUET guy started. So, basically, coincidentally, they have been in a secret love from the same day. That’s why nobody wants to give up.

Girl is in total dilemma. She cannot decide whom to love. So, she declares that, the guy who will win in a fight, will get her love. Boys have nothing to do. So, they accepted her condition. BUET guy invited the DU guy to fight in a royal rumble match so that they can decide who will get the love of that BUP girl. Now, they are preparing themselves for a royal rumble match between them.

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