A 9 Year Girl Disappears After Using Anti-Aging Creams That Make Her Look Ten Years Young

Anti-ageing creams. Whether you are ready for it or not, you know that at one point in life you will have to use them in order to look younger than your actual age. So, what most women does it, as soon as they hit a certain age, they start using these creams. This is to prolong the arrival of wrinkles and fine lines on their skin.

A nine-year-old girl named Nazifa used her mom’s anti-ageing cream as a moisturiser. At first, the results on her skin was too good. Her skin turned softer and lighter with persistent use of the cream. Nazifa thought that it was wise for her to keep on using this cream from an early age as it would keep her skin nicer even when she ages.

However, what happens next is unbelievable.

One day, no one could find her! It’s like she disappeared overnight. Her parents and her siblings searched for her everywhere; they even inquired about her in her friend’s house but it’s like she’s nowhere to be found.

Well, the truth is, she simply disappeared with the persistent use of the anti-ageing cream. As the anti-ageing cream already mentioned that it makes anyone look 10 years younger, whereas Nazifa was only 9-years. Hence, she just disappeared out of nowhere.

We all know that it’s almost physically impossible for this to happen, but well, it has actually happened, leaving us all astonished. No one still knows where the little girl went and we still wonder what actually happened to her.

If you know about the whereabouts of a nine-year-old girl, named Nazifa, please let us know. Her parents are still looking for her and so are we. There’s a reward to be given by her parents for anyone who can find about the little girl. Although we are not too sure about the reward, surely, the reward is not anything small.

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