7 Things You Get To Hear If You Are A Daughter Of Bengali Mother


1. “Tora jeeboneo jamai ar bhaat khete parbi nah”


While cutting an onion in the not proper manner then this is the first saying that comes like an arrow to hit you. For them perfection in vegetable slicing is the key to get the perfect “jamai”.

2.” Eto uh ah korte hobena! Kaj kore kore hath shokto koro.”

No matter how hot the pan is, if you accidentally burn your finger tips and make any kind of sound you are bound to hear this. They literally think burning your hands often kind of make your hands “heat resistant”. But then ofcouse later your mother is the one to fetch you ice bag!

3.” Coaching a porte jacho, ato shajar dorkar ki!”

If  your passion of makeup is way too high and you feel like dolling yourself up every now and then, then you need to sort of refrain yourself as soon as you hear that line in your mother’s voice. If you don’t listen the next line will be ” daraw klke e tomake dhore biye dichi!” And honestly you will not want to hear that next.

4.“Khaite ashteso ki dhore dibo ekta.”

If  you get into war of words with your mother and then choose to not speak to her for a while then this is the line you get to hear. And if you choose not to eat you are surely digging up a hole for yourself to fall in!


5.” Ekta alu chilteh ato time laghle, jamai ke bhaat khawabe ki bhabe? “

Delaying while peeling potatoes or any other sort of ,vegetables, your mother will surely fire these words towards you. But oh well, she surely loa ves you and I personally find my mother cute when she says that!

6. ” Ki daily daily ghurte jao? Ar jaite hobenah biyer por jamai ar shate jabe! “

You are not allowed to hangout twice a week if you are the daughter of a bengali mother. For them “jamai” is the “porom bondhu” and friends are snakes.

7.” Nije banai khao ki khaba!”

If you are in your early twenties and demand for getting some noodles after long hours of classes, you surely get to get hear this! But after some insisting your mother like a child of 5 years, you surely find your noodles infront of you within a few seconds!

Even though these all line seems soar but mothers say these sayings for the betterment of their daughters. Don’t  hold any grudges against them but take their sayings as amusement and surely you will love it! Share if you find all of the above sayings relatable 😉


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