Guy Got Attacked By A Gang Of Dogs At 4:20 AM For A Packet Of Pizza


Abu Naser Uddin is a trustworthy delivery man for Cheez! Unlike any other delivery man Abu is
commonly known for not eating the food he delivers and his superiors are proud of him for being
fair all the time. Abu proved it is always not about the salary but how much he is passionate
about delivering food in the middle of night.


For Abu delivering pizza at 4 AM in the middle of night is like the best kind of job for him, as Abu
describes every delivery is an adventure like in the Hollywood movies; he feels like he’s a king
of the road when it is empty and sometimes he feels like he is making a delivery like 007 agent.

Unlike any other day, around 3 AM in Gulshan Area when Abu was assigned to delivery a
freshly baked Cheez! Pizza which had an aroma to draw much attention of almost anyone but
unknowingly it drew attention from a gang of street dogs. As Abu noticed he is falling into a trap
after noticing a pack of dogs where following him back and forth and at this point Abu had no
choice but to drop the pizza and escape. As he stood low to surrender the pizza the dogs had
an expression of certain laughter which made him frightened yet Abu had the guts to run.

The next day, it was unbelievable for anyone to accept such incident that street dogs ambushed
a delivery man for pizza but Abu convinced his superiors by making a promise that it won’t
happen again. These days Abu is known to be the fastest delivery man for Cheez! Not all
heroes wear capes.


Written by Riasat Hossain

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