16 Year Old Guy He Has Become Devdas Because Of The Way His Girlfriend Hurt Him

Teenager love is sweet. While some teenagers are still in the parents’ love phase, others have already chosen partners for themselves. Well, that’s not too bad if it lasts till the end. However, when it doesn’t last, that’s when teenagers get hurt and they start to hurt themselves in a number of other ways. This is the reason why our parents warn us not to fall in love during teenage days.

So, a guy named Navid fell in love with a 19 year old girl. Navid himself is 16 and will be appearing for his O level examinations this year. The girl, named Jasmine, has already enrolled herself in a private university in Bangladesh. And she claims that she was just helping Navid out coping the stress from his O levels exams.

In the meantime, Navid fell in love with Jasmine “apu”. He started thinking of her as his girlfriend, although Jasmine kept on telling him that she’s just helping him out as a “younger brother”. Navid never paid attention to that as he was too confident that Jasmine will eventually fall in love with him and they would have a very happy life in the near future.

Well, this isn’t it. One day, before going for his coahing, Navid went in front of Jasmine’s house with a bunch of Jasmine flowers. Jasmine loved the smell of those flowers, but she didn’t accept it from him as she thought that he would take out another whole new level of meaning out of it. So, she let him go.

After that Jasmine did not even pick up his phone calls. Finally, 16 year old Navid got hurt and he stopped eating and drinking. His parents are really worried about him since his O levels exams are nearing. However, he claims that he will become a “Devdas” if Jasmine doesn’t contact him soon enough.

Now, we are not too sure if Jasmine had called him or not, but we do know that 16 year is not the time when a guy should become “Devdas” because of the way he got hurt. What we think is that it’s just infatuation.

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