10 Years Old Guy Went For Shopping With Girls And Became 20 Years Old Guy

Girls spend a lot of time in shopping. But, this time, they took so long time that it became 10 years, but still they are buying things. Tanzil, a 10 years old guy, went for shopping with his elder sister Taznin and some of his cousins. He had no previous experience of going with girls in shopping. So, unfortunately, he couldn’t resist himself from going with them when they asked him to go with them. Although, he had nothing to buy, but still he went with them just to give companion and carry the bags.

They went to Bashundhara Shopping Complex. Tanzil sat in a chair and asked his sisters to go for shopping. They went and Tanzil was waiting. He was waiting and waiting, but the girls didn’t come back that day, not even month and year. Now, it has been 10 years since they went for shopping. Tanzil is now 20 years old guy and heard that they are still buying things and requested him to wait few more time!

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