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1.5 Lakh Petitions Signed To Send The Annoying Tiger Kid To Sundarban

Now comes the season of World cup cricket starting from 30 may, 2019. A festive environment was all over the country. But there is always some shet to screw your “mejaj” up in these matters. All warm-up matches and world cup’s scheduled are to be broadcasted in GTV. After every over or interval there comes the Lifebuoy commercial “KHELBE TIGER, JITBE TIGER”. And a kid painted like a tiger shouts this line outside the boundary when Shakib Al Hasan runs or Taskin Ahmed takes wicket. That kid, that annoying little kid’s voice is haunting people everywhere. Even in the sleep :‘) .

People are horrified, terrified. It is unbearable. A bhola bhala girl named Nisat Farzana said, “Man, I never wanted to smack a kid before this”. A Bura uncle in a tea shop was crying and said, “Ei shobdo to ar shojjo hoy na. Mari fel re,,, tora amare mari fel”.  A girl named Bentey messaged me and said, “Ei baaler ad dekhar cheye to cholar-murir shathe Jelapi mishaye khawa bhalo silo.” I didn’t get why but you got the point.

The line coming out of his mouth is so disturbing that people started taking necessary steps. 1.5 lakh petitions have been signed to send the Annoying little tiger kid to “Sundarban” where tiger belongs. They don’t want this type of tiger among them. You can sign it too to send him in sundarban and watch World Cup in a peaceful manner.


Written by IamBatman

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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