QUIZ: Which Bangladeshi Famous YouTuber Are You?


Bangladesh has a growing number of Youtubers. Though you are not popular yet, you may dress, talk or think like the famous Bangladeshi Youtubers. Take this quiz to find out?


  • Did you date hundred chicks from NSU?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Can’t because she will never go for a Bangla medium guy
    • Too young for NSU girls
    • Wish but married
  • Do you upload pre-workout, post-workout and during working photos?

    • Yes
    • No because I don’t have hot bod
    • Nah cause bou marbe
    • I have moneyyy
    • I spell “gym” jim so I dont
  • How will you get more likes and views on Youtube?

    • Getting viral often
    • Don’t know what likes and views are
    • IDC because my dad is successful
    • Youtube has auto lead genration
    • By making controversial vids
  • I date-

    • I believe in “just friend” tag
    • I keep my love-life secret (becuase no one seems to care about)
    • I am MARRIED bruv
    • Teen chicks
    • Bangla medium girls ftw
  • I send random D*ck pics to girls

    • Yes
    • No too old for that
    • I don’t have one
    • I don’t send dick pics because I believe in videos
    • *d*ck pics* seita abar ki


Written by John Cena


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