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What Kind Of Barishaila Are You Dealing With?


Bangladesh has got many types of Bengalis within!


“O Green Bengal, what a diversity you’ve got and among this diversity, you’ve got the Barisaillas. <3”

Bengali people tell they’ve seen a lot of barisaillas and they tend to share their story here and there about a barisailla person they’ve met during their lifetime. Many come out to be as negative as anything.

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Mocking the barisaillas.Having fun about their nature.

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We from 14AGAIN, think of them very differently. We will be defending the people from day-to-day mocking that they face. Not because any of 14AGAIN is/are a Barisailla. Only for the sake of Humanity and Love!

Trait 1:


Every Barisailla are Khadok they say: Barisal is the center of rice production in Bangladesh! So this explains much why they are so fond of food! The main reason why maximum people mock about Barisaillas eating so much is that whenever you ask them the reason, they reply saying, “Amarta khai! Tor baper ki? ” So our advice to them would be, “Take it easy buddy!!’

Trait 2:

They are the most Gorom people they say: Well, if we ever take out statistics about the most mocked people inside Bangladesh, then the results might show a very close battle between Barisal, Noakhali, and Chottogram. There are chances that Barisal might be in the topmost or second place in the leaderboard.  So after such Pochanis, any normal human wouldn’t be able to stay calm and quiet! (Angry Reacts)

Trait 3:

Le Barisailla Accent is a bomb they say: The people in Barisal are a true patriot in nature and which is clearly visual when they talk! The language they use is their mother tongue. So never mistake it to be a modified version of some alien language! If they ever talk bang-lish then too never think they are trying to threaten you by the talk! They love their language and they will always keep the accent because that is their identity.

So after the discussion, I hope they might be helpful to argue with the rest of the world (in which they are already good at). There are many other traits that Barillas have. Do comment below mentioning them and those will be covered on next article on them!


Written by Zubaier Hossain

Someone who believes that whatever happens contains The Art within.

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