Spoiler Alert: Arya Stark To Execute Cersei By Taking Jamie’s Face As Per GOT Background Staff Leak

What comes in mind when you think about the most talked about television show of all time?

It has to GOT. This show has been entertaining its audiences ever since it aired in April 2011. Its author George R. R. Martin recently suggested that if he had followed the books then the series was have last 13 seasons, recently CNN claimed that about 1 billion people watched the first episode of season 8 worldwide, that is crazy right? Unofficially that breaks every record for the most watched show of all time. Game of Thrones have billions of fans all over the world, they had to wait for 2 years for the season finale of this amazing show.

Why is this show so famous?

People, who love the show love it for its extravagant graphical display, let it be the structural
monuments or the great actors or the breathtaking dragons or the loved characters that are part of this amazing plot. It’s a whole package which keeps us entertained. And there people who haven’t even watched the series, these people are the worst who are always uploading statues about their GOT free life and hence are butchered mostly by the GOT audiences for good.
George R. R. Martin has a tendency to kill of most people’s favorite characters, let it be Ned Stark in the  very first season to Rob Stark during the Red Wedding. He is a fan of finishing off most people’s favorite characters off the show.

This is where it gets exciting, so who is being killed off from the show next? Its Cersei and Jaime Lannister – The famous incest Lannister Couple. According to one of the background staffs from Game Of Thrones, it has been revealed that a leak has been revealed through his friends and family that Arya Stark will kill Cersei Lannister and take his face to kill off Jaime Lannister to fulfill her wish list. Remember her killing spree wish list? That’s right. You GOT this.


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