Noakhali Man Made A Terrible Incident Infront Of His Ex’s House And Got Himself Caught

A boy from Noakhali was caught last night from his ex’s house in Karwan Bazar. When police got there they watched him doing masturbation standing in front of the house. He was also holding an Oppo phone on his hand. The frightened girlfriend immediately called the police and informed about this massacre. She even marked herself unsafe in Social media but no help came out from nearby friends.

A team of 20 officers came over and arrested him as soon as possible. But the boy’s claim is that he is not guilty. He demands justice. He raised a question to the people If a man can masturbate in a plane by making himself absolutely naked then why he can’t do this in a more civilized way.

He already has sought help from his Noakhali lawyer friends but nobody has agreed to defend him on this sensitive issue. Even his family and relatives also have turned out their face from him. Our reporter says that his family is now facing an embarrassing situation in Noakhali. They can’t move freely because of the aggrieved people and they now demand security from the state. Children throw stones to their tin made the house at midnight and they can’t even sleep. The father says He can’t tolerate this inhuman life for one Bastard. He compares him with other bastards.

Guilty’s friends say he started to behave abnormally after the break up with the last girl from Barishal.

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