Is Solari The Solution?


Real Madrid, one of the greatest clubs of all time is facing huge challenge choosing the team combination as well as the head coach.


In the last summer transfer window one of their great players of all time, the highest goal scorer of all time Cristiano Ronaldo has left the club for Juventus. As he was the main man of the team having plenty of goals under his belt, it was a shocking move for Real Madrid.

Moreover, Zinedine Zidane, one the best coach in modern football also left the club right before the Portuguese forward who has an amazing record to give Real Madrid three back to back titles in Champion League era for the first time in the history.

After all of this, the Real Madrid board didn’t look too much worried. They didn’t even buy any replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo rather they took back Mariano from Leon who was in Loan. They appointed former Spanish coach Lopetgui as the first team manager.

As it was expected, the missing was reflected in the first match of the season in UEFA Super Cup. The lost the match 2-4 to their city rivals Athletico Madrid. They couldn’t even play good matches in the Spanish League. They lost and drew a lot of matches under Lopetgui. However, Lopetgui moved from the natural pressing and attacking football by Real Madrid. He more focused on possessional football which costs him the matches. Most of the Real Madrid fans were bored and unhappy with this type of playing.


In the El Classico, the biggest rivalry in Spanish football was the last pin to his coffin. He lost the match 5-1 to FC Barcelona in Camp Nuo. Then he was sacked by the Real Madrid President Perez and the second team coach Solari temporarily appointed as the first team coach.

Solari went to the previous method of Real Madrid which his pressing and attack. The fans are happy and the result is also coming in his favor. He managed four matches and won four of these. Real Madrid scored 15 goals and conceded only 2 goals in four matches.

Solari was a former Real Madrid player and he knows the atmosphere very well. Things are getting better for Real Madrid than the start of the season. Things can be changed over a night. Real Madrid is all set to appoint  Solari as a new head coach of the club. Is he be the solution for Real Madrid?


Written by Raiyan

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