Future Is Here – Claimed By BRAC University

Bangladeshi people celebrate their national festival “Pahela Baisakh” every year on 14th April. But unlike every other people, BRAC University has celebrated Pahela Baisakh one week ago. Now they are taking preparations for their final exams.

A student of BRAC University has claimed that “Future is Here at BRAC University“.  He said that, “All of you know that BRAC University is no. 1 private university in QS Asian Ranking. So, for being no. 1 in  the future, we have to stay advanced in everything. That was the main reason behind celebrating Pahela Baisakh a week ago. We are advanced than the other people of our country.”

We have also asked him about his future plans. He said to us, “All of you know that Ramadan is coming. People usually organize Iftar Party during the month of Ramadan. But we, the BRAC University students are planning to arrange Iftar Party one week before the Ramadan starts. Also we will celebrate the EID this year before anyone else. Thus we can stay advanced than the others. ”

With these future plans, BRAC University will stay no. 1 in everything. Stay updated about BRAC University with 14AGAIN.


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14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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