Dhanmondi Teen Gets Kidnapped Because He Had A Packet Of Marlboro Advance

Keeping a packet of Marlboro Advance with you isn’t safe at all. Rashiq Ahmed, a teen from Dhanmondi didn’t know about this and had to pay a great price.

Rashiq is a 19 years old teen who lives in Dhanmondi and last night he got kidnapped. Rashiq was going to coaching with a friend of his and that’s when some guys came in bikes and searched their bodies. They took Rashiq with them after they found a packet of Marlboro Advance in his pocket. Rashiq’s friend asked for help but nobody could catch the kidnappers because they were using Yamaha bikes and we all know that Yamaha bikes are too fast to catch.

Rashiq’s parents have filed a police complaint and the cops were able to get hold of the kidnappers within hours. The cops tracked down the kidnappers using Rashiq’s phone. Phone records and surveillance footage led the cops to Uttara, where the kidnappers had hidden Rashiq.

The cops caught the kidnappers while they were smoking the packet of Marlboro Advance they had stolen. Rashiq was found unharmed and safely returned home. After this happened, people have stopped going outside with Marlboro Advance with them.


Written by Riasat Hossain

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