Astronauts Are Roaming In Dhaka When Musicians Are Going To Space For Concert


Can you imagine astronauts are roaming around in Dhaka’s road ? Riding by buses ? And musicians are flying to the space for concert ? Can it be for real? No, it can’t be real literally for now. But it’s time to imagine. Imagination is something that is beyond everything. You can get anything you want, you can do anything you want to do. And this is music that takes us to the world of imagination. We connects our emotions through the music and we imagine.


A new music streaming app ‘Imagine Radio’ has already launched with this theme to help us to imagine more strongly. We are defined by our moments, the moments that make us who we truly are. We connect our emotions to these moments, as we imagine. Our imagination is boundless as our emotions and so are we. As of now, more than 10 million songs are available for streaming through Imagine Radio, which is available on both Android and IOS. This radio has come up with really a great initiative . They are also bringing ‘Facebook Live Concert’ where we will watch musicians to jam on different planets. No,no you’re not tripping. This is real. My little sister and I had always interest on astronauts and space.She drew a painting years ago where few astronauts were doing concert on space. It was her imagination and who knows who else have this same imagination. And Imagine Radio is bringing this imagination to the reality.


We already found Bangladeshi band AvoidRafa and Chirkutt to jam on different planets. Cryptic Fate, Shironamhin and Mechanix has also declared individually that they have started packing to fly to the space for the concert . We can watch them jamming on space via their own facebook page. Let’s see what else is coming for us, keep guessing and till then what you can do is you can hold on your breathe ,take your phone, install Imagine Radio and plug in your earphone  because Major Tom is going to connect you to the space just like David Bowie’s Space Oddity. Be a part of this whole crazy  installation , start to imagine and get lost to your own universe. Because Imagine Radio is a music app that provides more than 10 million local and international music tracks and thousands of playlists by moods, lifestyle, activities, etc! Users can make their own playlist by designing them to a specific mood.


Written by Eleven

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