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Rami Malek Deserved The Oscar For “Bohemian Rhapsody” Or He Got Lucky?


Music soothes our mind and refresh our soul. Some music are so good that they connect with our mind easily. “Queen” was a British rock band of 70’s which produced so many spectacular musics that any recent band can not even imagine to make. Their songs were so heart touching and they made their appearance so glamorous that even today’s generation is fond of them. Queen was the best band of its time and it will remain the best. Freddie Mercury was the lead singer and his life was not as perfect as his voice was. 


The movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” follows Freddie’s life events and Rami Malek plays the role as Freddie. He won oscar for this mesmerizing role and he is the first one to get this award from Arab heritage. Those who haven’t seen this movie yet, I will surely recommend them to watch it as soon as possible. This is the best biographical movie I have ever seen which is portrayed in such a beautiful way. Rami Malek gave his one hundred percent for this role and  by his great acting skills he reflected Freddie with perfection. Even sometimes their faces seem to match due to his great acting and makeovers for playing this legendary role. After watching the movie, no one can say that someone else could have done this role more justice than Rami Malek. 


So after watching this movie, what do you think? he deserved it or not?


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