Why Girls Switch To New Facebook ID After Joining University?


So far, I have changed three universities for personal reasons. Today’s purpose is not to talk about why I did it. Today’s writing is about something else.


When I got admitted to the first university, the girls who got connected to Facebook with me, noticed that almost everyone has a new ID. First i thought they may have started running new mobile phones, maybe their mobile phones were not given due to their age. But when the contact goes on a bit deeper, then its sort out a special cause for everyone except 2 or 3 of them.


And the reason is that their previous ID is a testimony to their actions. Regarding their previous relationships, relationship goals mentions, inboxes, etc. They think it is better to delete the ID. They do not want anyone to drop them beforehand. That’s why they open new IDs, enter Facebook with a new identity. And targets new boys though.


But the hope for them is that they will not have to change their IDs due to Facebook’s locked profile system. They can now hide their work with locking the profile instead of ID.

They should thank Mark Zuckerberg.


Written by Asif

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