Which One Would You Save, Life Or Leg? See What This Man Chose

It is the wish of everyone to be born with all his/her body parts functioning properly, and remain with them till his or her last second on earth. Unfortunately, that is not always how the world is. As long as you are still alive, you will have to make decisions, tough ones for that matter. Some of them will require you to give up the last thing that you thought you would. Kurt Kaser’s situation is a true testimony of why you should be prepared to make “better” choices whenever you are subjected to such dilemmas. Mark the word “better” because in this one, there was no “best” alternative.

Kaser is 63-year-old, and in America, people of such age are allowed to retire, go collect their Social Security, and enjoy their final phase of life. However, the hardworking man from Nebraska thought that it wasn’t yet the time to put his muscles to rest. Therefore, he continued with his farming duties. Well, April 19 was just one of the typical farming days for Kaser. He was moving his grain into a silo, for storage, using a machine.  Before he began the process, Kaser noted that auger (equipment that sucks grains into the silo using rotating shafts) was open. He ignored it and continued with the process, but little did he know that he was making one of the worst mistakes in his life.

A few minutes later, Kaser’s leg was stuck in the auger. As stated earlier, an auger is supposed to such grains; however, this time, it was presented with a leg, meaning it has to shredder it into small particles for efficient sucking. Kaser too knew that terrifying reality, plus the fact that the auger would not stop until it consumes all of him. Looking around, Kaser realized nobody was there to help; so, he was on his own. Definitely, it was one of the worst moments that anyone would want to experience, but Kaser had to make a quick decision anyways. Thanks to the hero because the choice he made is the reason he still breathes.


The man removed a knife from his pocket and sacrificed his leg for life. I can feel you empathizing with the victim and wondering the amount of pain he endured. But the contrary happened, i.e., when reporting to ABC news, Kaser noted that he did not feel much pain at the moment, partly because the adrenaline was in control. After going through the ordeal, Kaser crawled for about 200-feet to access his phone and called the rescue team. He was hospitalized and counseled until May 10 when he was discharged. While you continue feeling sorry for Kaser, he wants his experience to be a lesson to everyone, never give up! In fact, he told ABC news that he plans to go back to farming. You know what I think about Kaser? He is a true definition of heroism!


Written by Collins

14AGAIN contributor, Kenya

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