Quantum Physics Confirms: Consciousness Creates Reality!


Science is now proving how our belief systems affect our realities. No longer is this awareness purely a spiritual concept. This truth of life is now available scientifically and physiologically. These discoveries are allowing the mainstream community to understand the power and responsibility we have to ourselves to choose and create the versions of life we’d like to live. These truths give us back our power by connecting with our inner intelligence we’re shifting away from relying on our outside world to make us happy and into beings that decide and create our own happiness. We do have the power to manifest our desires.


The discoveries the current generations of physicists are making are both dividing the scientific community and thrilling the spiritual community. Previously, science believed the world we lived in is objectively real, that is, it exists as a separate entity regardless of our connection to it.  As science progressed, however, and  the composition of the atom was researched, it was discovered that the previous laws describing the behavior of atoms no longer applied to sub-atomic studies. Quantum physics is a modern science that supports the theory of the grand unified field, EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS CONNECTED! Because our consciousness is creating our realities, it’s important to understand our thoughts are the consciousness we are emitting that creates the reality of everything.

We all had the experience of being in a bad mood and your whole day goes wrong. You get held up at every traffic light, you get a speeding ticket, the boss is in a foul mood and the milk you put in your coffee has gone off. It seems like the whole world and everyone in it is against you and it appears like it’s all happening OUTSIDE of you but is it or did YOU create it? What happens when you decide to pick your mood up? All of a sudden things outside of you seem to go so much better. If we try to understand these concepts in relation to a good day or a bad day we can start to look at the stage setting of our life. If your life is full of bad situations, wouldn’t it be fair to say you’ve accumulated many belief systems, thoughts that aren’t serving you!


Our brains are a fascinating mechanism. Within our brains are our neurons. Science now proves we create the structure of our neurons via our thoughts. We are all literally wiring our own brains depending upon our belief systems and perceptions of life. If we think negative thoughts our neurons relating to pain and misery will conjoin with each other and wire themselves into a pattern of negative thinking. Any experience we’ve attached a negative belief system to sends an electrical message to our hypothalamus, which is the chemical manufacturing center of our brain. The hypothalamus recognizes this message as a victim thought which equates to any less than thought we have about ourselves and life. To change thoughts, change your beliefs. By doing so, we ultimately change our brain’s physical DNA and change our total experience of life. Take charge of what you think and believe now. Only you decide how your life will go. So, what is you belief system?


Written by Sajib Sharma

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