My Latent Love With A Washing Machine


“Your washing machine is pretty pathetic” Bella ejaculated, with an acrimonious look of irritation.


A sudden amazement seized me,a washing machine can be pathetic! I did not know that before. Perhaps my vacant stare exacerbated Bella’s already burning state of heart, and she could not help beginning to reprimand me again.

“How can you be so oblivious? Its weekend and as always, you… you…!!! I heard her asphyxiate in extreme exasperation, too much that she couldn’t finish her sentence.

“Oh Crap!” just at that moment I could remember that I made a promise to her… to take her to a long drive… and I felt dizzy and bemused, my head whirling.

Okay, why I was doing this? I felt confused; I knew what others actually do in the weekends. They watch movies, visit places and sometimes spend honey-moon like time with their honeys. And I, a rare exception, busy myself with washing clothes.

How have I become so different a creature? I suddenly felt extremely curious to dissolve the fact.

A sudden uproar of thousand thoughts were accumulating around my head. Her penetratingly shrill, noisy voice could not break my impervious meditation-like silence.

And Abruptly I felt the secret of my supreme inclination to my tomato-red washing machine that even crossed my feelings for Bella. Okay reader, Please do not mess her with Isabella Swan, the beloved of the suave and affable vampire Edward Cullen.

My Bella is utterly different; her only work appears to be shouting over me all day long. “Holy Cow” leave her to shout alone. I rather tell you the story, my reader, I will whisper on your ear; Bella will not be careful to hear this.

The washing machine is with me since I was seven, and my parents left me with it in an empty house and was gone forever. Henceforth it is with me. It has become my friend, my comfort and sometimes my honey. In many lonesome moments it’s sound, though incessant, but swept my worries away. It made me feel SOMEONE is with me, in whom I could confide.

My honey(washing machine) is with me for 15 years, and I am 22 now. And Bella, the shouting lady, is with me just for 3 years, and encircling my life with her agonizing cries, which my honey never did.

So every time I enter my clothes in it, I silently sit by my red honey, trying to comprehend the hard task it accomplishes for me every time.

Bella may shout thousand times: I do not bother at all…

“Arpon, are you listening? Pay heed!!!!

See, It has started again…..

So, as always she keeps shouting and I keep washing….


Written by arpon

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