If You Have No One To Have Fun With Then Enjoy Your Own Company


Did you ever a dream not to have a group friends to enjoy with? We all had watched series such as camp rock, high school musical, Zack and Cody and other teenage series during our 90s. Who else wish to have friends to have fun with like sleepovers, camping, playing video games, tea party and bbq party. School life was the most awesome time where we teenagers had fun by singing, playing indoor games, sharing our snacks, cracking jokes, pranks, laughing at serious moments and chatting. But there are some people who don’t get friends so easily due to some reasons such as being an introvert, bookworm or there might be some reason also about that person not getting acceptance from their fellow classmates. We all had to face such kind of weird experience in a new place, don’t we? Our school teachers should teach caring kindness and humanity our students which is the most essential part for this generation.


What happens whenever we feel that we are lonely even we have a bunch of friends in our lives but still we are not happy with it.

Every person is bound to follow his own routine depending on his own mood which we basically called self-freedom. In fact we all get that kind of pleasure to do whatever we want to right? Different person has different hobbies like singing, dancing, reading, painting, and camping.But most of us prefer to have fun with such people to whom do we love the most.It’s sad whenever they say no to your plan right? That’s normal everyone does that.

We all try to get over from loneliness.To do so, we look for things which give us pleasure.We become so dependent on others that we forget ourselves to enjoy our own lives.


Loneliness is actually disease that makes a person feel sad.It’s basically comes from sadness because whenever we feel sad, we feel lonely. So, it’s time for us to get up and do something productive that will never make you a loner.Think about how our girls who are living in such a family where women have no freedom to do whatever she wanted to.Before thinking of yourself as a longer thinks about them first and other people around the world who are living in an unbearable condition.

If you ever feel lonely or if you do not find anyone to spend time with you don’t feel sad. Instead, do something that makes you happy all by yourself. You can walk outside and enjoy the lovely air, you can do something creative like painting, pottery and telling stories to your cousins or to your neighbor’s children, you can also go to the coffee shop to have food for yourself. In the end, you will feel better if you create your environment in your own way like we hear some words like “do something before you die”.Do something new that makes you feel good about yourself, try something different. In the end, you have to be a loner because you as a person was born alone and will have to die alone someday, then what is the point of thinking yourself as a loner.


Written by Ruby Marjina

Hey fellas, always be faithful to your parents cause they are the dearest ones then respect your friend in a pure way.
You can also respect your fam and your friend equally.No boundaries .lame right!???
To boys ,always be loyal to girls or wells it will cost you.Never take them for granted be careful.Girls are the most dangerous species on earth, so be aware of them.
To girls, be careful while you are attracted to male species .Do not be so excited af. If you are successful from now these madafakas will be your friends rather than your crush.

Always be proud of where you belong to .Thanks for your attention for no use .lol :p :3.I am proud of what i am and i trust my parents as well as they trust me. Okay

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