How To Complete Graduation By The Age Of 40

Too late to study?

A lot of young  people never complete education because they feel the age to study has passed. It’s too late to study now they give excuses. Either that or they are too embarrassed of what people will say. Agreed they are all valid reasons but the only valid reason I can agree with is discontinuation of studies due to financial problems at home. I have a little bit of all problems just mentioned however that did not stop me from sneaking out to the local high school in Riyadh belonging to a neighboring South Asian Country Embassy School, with my bald patch and getting enrolled in class  9 ( matric or ssc at that time was combined of class 9 & 10 ). I had no support from my parents who had higher plans for me like all parents however I managed to get in. Next day I arrived at School at the ripe old age of 30 wearing my uniform with tie attending the assembly. I didn’t look odd because of my slim figure and baby boy looks which made me look not much matured then the rest. Maybe I looked 25. The day at School was like any other routine day where as soon as I entered the Chemistry lab room I saw a bunch of uniformed boys standing against the wall with their hands and I was asked to join them. I was innocent, had no idea but reluctantly agreed. This went through my entire years until completion of HSC successfully in that School. The secret to my surviving? I never acted or reacted as an adult and hardly let my ego come in the way. On the side of the young people they were amazingly mature as kids are taking me as one of them. Infact their  friendly encounters and juvenile antics made me look forward to another day in School. So I patiently studied . After completing my HSC in 2010 I again had a gap of 5 years due to my Father’s death which brought me to my family ( all educationalist) who had migrated back  here after my Father’s death in 2011. Bangladesh. In 2015 I walked into the Independent University, Bangladesh. Known for it’s diversity and research approach after a little name throwing the University took me in as an Experiment again I had no family support here who thought it was too late and dangerous to study here however now they are supporting me pay my tuition fees. As any Rat or mice used for experiment I did suffer in the beginning however I gained immense unwanted popularity both negative but less positively. The very first day I entered the Class room pupils stood up considering me a faculty. Guards still stand up to salute me and once a talk show host thought of me as a dean or vice Chancellor. A lot of questions and speculation to which I still have to answer , clear up and because of which face social media trolls. I have gained a lot personally and at the end of the day I am getting to know you and see todays youth which is a big target market for us marketers ( I  am a marketing Student ) and yes I am going to be a first class Citizen after obtaining my bachelor’s degree next year. The key to success once again is joining the crowd but keeping your distance which I did not do and  ego at home. You will in this way feel a sense of personal belonging and studying will become like a study game. Currently I am doing a job in the University. Working and studying is a born now a days.

Yours Sincerely

Syed Raiyan

Student of Marketing/ Environmental Management

School Of Business

Independent University, Bangladesh.

Loves to travel. Just completed a compulsory 12 day study come research tour to Bogura Sherpur RDA with 60+ other Students. The oldest Student in IUB as far as I know.


Written by Raiyan

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