How Feminism Has Really Confused A Typical Modern African Woman

The idea of feminism is highly synonymous with western countries. Overall, feminism is expected to empower females and enable them to compete fairly with the men. For instance, in societies where boy-child education is given the top priority, feminism advocates for making things even and giving girls the same priorities, to enable them to compete fairly in the job market. In the family setting, feminism is expected to challenge the old ways of doing things. For instance, in societies where cooking was assigned specially to wives, feminism advocate for making things even. That is, both husband and wife can cook at their convenient times.

Similarly, in communities where looking after children was left for mothers alone, with feminism, fathers can as well nurse their kids as their wives rest. In short, feminism advocate for gender parity (fairness).

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However, most modern women in Africa got it all wrong, and from my perspective, I am sorry to say they are somehow confused. Well, African women embrace the feminist ideology that women should not be assigned house chores like cooking, laundry, and nursing kids, which is noble. For instance, in a typical date, most African ladies will ask the man about his view on the role of the woman in the family. And believe me, if they realize that you are still consumed with the traditional notion that women should be the ones to cook, chances of winning her heart are often close to zero. Meanwhile, here is where the confusion comes in.

Well, I as stated earlier, feminism advocates for gender fairness. That means, there should be no specific roles for men in the family either. For instance, the traditional belief that men should be the ones to provide for the family and their wives should also be dropped. Have I said something wrong? Sorry if I did, but I believe enhancing gender parity is two-way traffic. However, a typical African woman will be heard saying (especially in dates) that: “my money is mine, and my man’s money is ours. A man should always take care of his lady because that is how it has always been.”

If by any chance the man on the date asks such women whether or not they will be responsible for cooking at home, you will hear her say “the idea that women should be the ones to cook is postdated.” Now, is it not confusing for you to embrace the idea of men being the sole breadwinner in the family and yet, you don’t want to play the traditional role of a woman such as cooking? Are the two notions not postdated? If yes, why embrace the one that suits your interests and drop the one that doesn’t. For me that is confusing, and for all modern African ladies that I have interacted with, they haven’t been able to convince me, either.


Written by Collins

14AGAIN contributor, Kenya

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