Honest Truth About Guys Named ‘Alam’ Chasing Girls


Are you under 5 foot 8? Are you less than 15 years old? Are you a depressed teen feeling out of place, surrounded by normie friends? Are you self-conscious and struggling to prove your worth? Do the girls call you ‘cutu’ instead of handsome/hot? Are you desperate enough to ask your housemaid out? Does your name end with Alam? Then, Jesus Christ finally, you are in the right place. The simple yet effective way to get any girl you want is exclusively for you.


Step 1: Grow up. Just grow up dude. What can you really do about your height now other than eating up all that mommy feeds you? What can you really do about the fact that no girl wants to date you knowing that you’re only 14? What can be done to change the fact that you don’t have a lot of freedom at the moment. Nothing, really. All you can do is grit your teeth and wait patiently. You are cute at the moment, just be cute for now, dammit. You don’t have to pull off a Jason Momoa at 14. You can’t. Things will look weirder and further out of place when you try to act and behave out of your age. Don’t just give in to peer pressure, your friends are years older and are hella spoiled. If someone were to like you at 14, someone would have already.

Now that you don’t see any hope of romance at the moment, don’t force it. It’s wiser to act patiently rather than a desperate kid running around after girls. This is what a matured guy would do. These are not to sound like your mom or stepmom but it is the truth. Just stick with friends and meet new people. Do things outside school, get involved with organizations, volunteer and do ECA. Join a community. Cultivate your hobbies. Make a celebrity out of yourself, you are the most important person in your life at this point. The more you invest in yourself right now, the bigger you’ll get at your peak. Getting girls will seem so trivial then, trust me. It’s never about the looks, it never was. There are roughly 3.5 billion women on this planet and if our Lord and Savior Hero Alam can land chics, then you most definitely can. Read his autobiography and you will get what I’m talking about all this time. He is arguably the most hideous man I’ve ever seen but that didn’t stop him from getting whoever he wants because he gave 0 F’s. He didn’t waste his time at 14 chasing wild goose, he hustled. And as a member of the Alam cult, you should follow his footsteps.


Remember though, you’ll never be 14AGAIN.


Written by Hasan Mahmud Abdullah

15 year old geeky diehard GOT, HIMYM, Harry Potter and Star Wars fanatic.
Listens to Linkin Park, TOP, Eminem and Artcell all day.

Headshots noobs often in CSGO (sometimes hits the body but nvm)

Aspiring Coder.

pls i swer i am kool. okbye


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