Graduation Brings Peace Or Anxiety?


After struggling for 4 to 5 years in university, people seem to think now is the time for chilling and get a happy life.  Graduation seems like a method of getting freedom from daily life chaos and problems. However, it is somehow established in the society that graduates will start doing jobs and earning money right after finishing university life. Is it true for all graduates?


Students dream about getting a satisfying job and a happy life but alas life is not as easy as they think. For engineers or doctors or any professions, getting a job means they had to struggle and pass through numerous obstacles which can not be seen by everyone. After graduation, everyone faces the same question from relatives or neighbors that “what will you do now?” Some even tries to bring marriage proposals if one can not get a job right after his/her graduation. There is no time for chilling or having some time for your own before and after graduation. People who think life will be fantastic after graduation please wake up!! Graduation can only bring anxiety and stress because of not getting the perfect job or perfect salary as you had imagined before. Even after having some good results, you may not get a job at all. Life after graduation is much more depressing and frustrating than life before graduation.


Students who are dying to graduate, please take some time and think , Do you want a stressful unemployed/employed life this soon? Even if you get a job, this will not make anything easier. You have to sacrifice everything to flatter your boss by working hard. Life after graduation means facing hell literally. Live everyday of your university life because after that you may not get one day without pain or stress in the future. Have fun!


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