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“Do you have better plans than Him?” Remember babe, what hard times we went through when we were in a relationship? Your dad was against it from the very beginning. And my mother never used to like you. Yet, we stayed together, until the day you got married to the guy your dad liked. I still remember how hard you tried to stay with me till the end. I was broken and shattered, and I lost all hopes to stay with you. My days passed, without me even knowing. My soul remained numb; my thoughts went to suicide, too. But something in me stopped me every time from doing that.


Months passed by, I tried to move on with my life. After a few days, I started with a new job. Proposals for marriage became a weekly story. My parents tried to convince me, “Marriage will help you move on and start a new life”, they said. You shifted abroad just a month after your marriage, and you seemed to be fine with your husband as well. So I thought my parents were right that marriage actually helps people move on.

I decided to get married and start a new life. I was not extremely happy with this decision, but I was not sad either. I left everything to Allah. The dreams I had for my marriage remained dreams. My wife was friendly and kind-hearted. I told her everything about us, our dreams and each and everything we did together.

She wasn’t upset with the fact that I had a soft corner for you and always will. But unfortunately, she wasn’t like this only with me. It was with every man she knew. I divorced her when I found out that she was cheating on me, and that she slept with another man while I was at the office. The words “trust” and “love” were erased from my dictionary. My parents were ashamed of their decision.

I totally focused on my work. The only goal that remained in my life was to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the country. However, one fine day, I was checking my notifications on Facebook and, all of a sudden, your friend suggestion popped out. I tried to stop myself from visiting your profile, but I could not. And I am glad that I could not.


I tried to find pictures of you and your husband, but I couldn’t find any. I checked every album, yet there was not a single picture. I still wonder, what came into my mind that made me send you that friend request. Luckily, you were online and accepted it in just a few minutes. The feeling was just like 7 years ago, when you accepted my friend request for the first time.

But, sometimes parents might be wrong too, they are humans as well. Your husband was a drug addict, which your parents were not aware of. I really appreciate your guts, it was not even a year of your marriage and you divorced him for being drunk and hitting you. How many people could do this?

Who has better plans than Allah? I am glad I trusted none but Allah. Today, I am a father of two angel daughters, and I am glad that my angel’s heaven lies under your feet.


Written by Adnan Aftab

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