A Tragic Story Of Hamza Bendelladj


Hamza Bendelladj was an Algerian computer engineer. He wanted the poor money to be given to the poor. But it did so that he had done the worst thing in his life.This is Hamza Bendelladj, who hacks $ 40 million from 217 banks, And wanted to donate for hungry people in Africa And Palestine! After that he tried to escape.


However, he was arrested in Thailand in the year 2017. At the end of the execution of the trial in the court, he finally hanged in the face of smile.His statement in the court was clear: “I did not commit any sin, and the poor corrupt people of the society had deposited the money in the bank, and I reached the bank of poverty, is it my crime?Salute Hamza Bendelladj,Why was the money put in place where people are not being saved? So what is the benefit of leaving this money? If you can not use that money after running the whole life, then that money is worthless.



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