The Power Of Chumu Baba


Ram Prakash Chauhan, popularly known as Chumu Baba, was arrested from Assam, India. He said that he can recover the physical and mental disorders of the women by kissing or interacting with them. He demanded the release of Ram, who possessed ultra-natural power in the dream from Hindu god Vishnu.


Through which the married women can be rectified through the kiss of any marital problem.Ram Prakashan has developed a temple in Morigaon region of Assam to help women recover through chumur Her alleged “method” started a month ago, Assam has responded well to women.For hundreds of years, due to the influence of black magic in the Maurigaon region, the propaganda of Ram Prakash has spread.


The spread of modern education is not enough in this region. And his mother’s contribution to Ram Prasad’s contribution to child’s development was a little bit.The people of Morigaon region believe that Vishnu has the grace of himself. Taking advantage of that effect, various methods have been developed in the region from the beginning of the serpent to the people of Tantrik Guru.


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