PUBG Mobile ‘Survive Till Dawn’: A Helpful Approach To Actually Survive Till Dawn


The new PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update which has been available for some days, brought the much awaited and anticipated Zombie Mode, along with some new features.


The Zombie Mode created in partnership with Resident Evil 2 is exciting, scary to a degree (a bunch of zombies spawning and running behind you is scary), and certainly more difficult than your average normal mode. Lucky for you we’re here to make this game mode slightly easier for you with a helpful approach described in detail.

If you’re the type of person who likes a solo approach to your game; basically, you’re that annoying person who will always reject that Jump together invitation (I hate you), this mode in not for you. Let me make it clear for you from the beginning this is the worst route to take, staying with your team will give you the highest chance to make it to dawn.

Let’s go through the four stages of this game mode – once you land you have a short time, or a few minutes to find your loot till night approaches and zombies starts spawning. Through out the night you’ll be attacked by different types of zombies, and as the first dawn approaches, zombies stop spawning but there will still be lingering zombies. If the game’s not over yet, darkness will ascend again, and this time the zombies will be more in number and more lethal. If you can make it through the night the second dawn, most probably this will be the last stage where remaining players who’re alive will fight for the ‘chicken dinner’.


Here’s how you survive through all the stages, and stay alive till the second dawn, after that you’re back to the familiar clutch end that every normal game seems to have –

  1. Always jump in a spot where you’ll find loots as quick as possible before the Zombies starts spawning, which don’t take long. Best option would be to land in a populated area.
  2. You must fight as a team against the spawning zombies, as well as other players in that area.
  3. Zombies can be killed with bullets, but when they start coming in numbers it can get hard to manage your ammo; staying as a team plays a vital role against Zombie defense. Killed zombies can drop varieties of supply based on the type of zombie.
  4. Once your essential loot is done (level 2 or 3 helmet and vests, two guns with enough ammo, health packs, pills, bandages, grenades and most importantly one petrol can at the least), RUN!! It’s better not to stay inside a building once the zombie wave starts coming at you; ammo and healing management gets difficult once there’s a bunch of zombies behind you. FIND A VEHICLE! I can’t stress this enough; it’s the absolute way to make it till the second dawn.
  5. As darkness ascends, stay in your car and drive around literally running over zombies. Another small but useful tip – stay on the highway, as you’ll not be able to see any terrain ahead of you because of the darkness and fog.
  6. As the first dawn approaches get to another area with buildings where you can find loots. You’re safe in daylight, since zombies only spawn at night. But beware, there might still be some lingering zombies from the previous night. At this point you have to be careful of other players; you can easily forget that there are other players too since your attention is mostly taken by zombies.
  7. Load up your supplies, get your car (make sure it has fuel, or carry fuel with you) and as second night approaches its imperative you are not stuck inside a building. In the second night you’re going to face higher number and more lethal varieties of zombies. So, hit back to the road and keep smashing them zombies with your vehicle.  I know it can be a bit boring, but if you like ‘chicken dinners’ this is the way to go.
  8. Once the second dawn ascends, you’ll see that the timer value increases by a higher number; which means the game is probably going to end in this stage since the circle starts shirking too. At this point only a dozen or so players will be alive; from this point approach the game as you normally would to the end of any other PUBG game.

I hope you find this approach helpful, and that it increases your chance of getting the coveted ‘Chicken Dinner’. Fire up PUBG and try out the approach described in the article and let us know how it fares.


Written by Goodboi

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