PUBG Mobile Season 8 : What You Need To Know

By this time, you have already heard of PUBG Mobile. Come on! This is the most popular Online Multiplayer game on Mobile right now. If you are a regular PUBG Mobile player, surely you are excited about the game’s next Season which is Season 8. Season 7 has come near to the end already. Season 7 will actually end on 14th July 2019, so season 8 is supposed to be starting a day or two later. Here we will be discussing all the new things that are going to be added into the game with the start of Season 8. Let’s start with the release date of Season 8.

Season 8 Release Date

There’s just a week left of Season 7. The timer on the Season 7 Royale Pass shows that Season 7 will end on 14th July 2019. PUBG Mobile is known to roll out new Season Update after a day’s wait. So, Season 8 update should be starting to roll out on 16th/17th July 2019. This update will be 0.13.5.

What’s New In Season 8

As always, PUBG Mobile Season 8 will introduce a new Royale Pass, new challenges, new rewards and a lot more. As previous all season’s Royale Pass, Season 8 Royale Pass will offer new Outfits, Emotes, Avatar Frames and most importantly, new weapon skins. Some new contents for Team Death Match (TDM) Mode are also expected with the new Season. Now let’s talk about the new contents that are going to be added into the game with Season 8.

New Weapon

A new SubMachine Gun (SMG) named “Bizon” is going to be added into the game with the start of Season 8. It will use 9mm bullets like the UMP9 and VSS. Its base damage will be 35 and damage per second will be 408. Its effective fire range will be around 100 meters and rate of fire will be 700 RPM which is decent for an SMG. This SMG can hold 53 Bullets in a single round which is the highest capacity for any SMG in PUBG Mobile. Bizon sound like a running helicopter while firing. This can be considered a better version of UMP9.

New Weapon for Team Death Match

4v4 Team Death Match mode was added into PUBG Mobile a little while back. It is expected that a new Weapon will also be added into the Team Death Match. This new weapon is supposed to be an RPG7. This is actually a rocket launcher. This weapon is already available in Zombie Mode. But with the release of Season 8, this weapon is expected to be added into the TDM Mode also. But Tencent didn’t announce anything officially about it yet. So things can change. RPG7 is an insanely powerful weapon and it can wipe out an enemy in less than a second.

New Lobby

With the start of Season 8, the current Godzilla themed in-game Lobby will be removed and it will be replaced with a newly designed lobby. The new lobby will most likely to be themed based on Summer Season.

These are the new Season Leaks that we know so far. These are just “Leaks” so don’t think that these new contents are confirmed by Tencent. This new update will not be much large either. This 0.13.5 update size will be around 200-300 MB. This update will not come via the Google Play Store. Rather this will be an in-game update.

These are the changes and new contents that are supposed to be added into PUBG Mobile with the relase of new Season 8. Are you excited about the upcoming season? Which is your favourite weapon to use in the game? Let me know in the comment section below.


Written by Siam

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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