PUBG Gets Banned In Nepal At The Request Of Parents And School

Nepal has directed to shut down popular online game ‘PUBG’. As Nepal authority thinks that the game is creating a bad impact on children’s behaviour after playing PUBG, PUBG is prohibited from Thursday in Nepal. Deputy director of the Nepal Telecommunication department also declared it in public. The game simply had to be banned to protect youth. With the recent ban of PUBG in Nepal the youth are going crazy

NDTV news media informed that in this meantime it has directed to the internet service provider of the whole country to close the PUBG stream already. Sandeep Adhikari, deputy director has said, children are not attentive to their studies because of this game. Parents of these children complained about it. That is why the authority took this step. Is the PUBG ban in Nepal going to be lifted anytime soon? Who knows.

PUBG is an online battle game. Many players fight together in this game. Before Nepal, this online game was closed in Gujrat, India.


Written by Mohsena Dewan

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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