WAIT! Your Food Diet Is In Dire Need For Attention


If you ask yourself, “When was the last time I had my lunch without scrolling my facebook or watching a series?” and the answer is “Umm, I can’t really remember…” then yes, it is safe to say your food is crying out loud for your attention.


It’s not at all uncommon nowadays that we have our food in front of our big TV screens more than on our dining tables. Even if we find ourselves having our food on the dining table then there is quite a good possibility that our eyes are fixed on the tabs watching our favourite series.

And sigh! There goes our food… completely ignored, unattended and neglected! This may not look like a big deal in hindsight but the implications are far more concerning.

Following a balanced diet to have a healthy lifestyle is not just about choosing the right food. It is also equally important to have that food in a proper way. And that’s why it is massively important to direct all our attention to the food we are eating rather than “double-timing”.


Whenever we are watching a series or scrolling through Facebook while we are eating, we don’t really know when to stop or when our stomach has enough food. And we keep on gulping down the food until we can’t anymore. And that my friends, IS NOT a healthy way at all. It completely messes up our digestion process and we keep on gaining those extra pounds no matter what we do.

Just a simple change of habit can contribute exponentially towards a healthy life. So, let’s do it from today! A simple 10-15 minutes break from our gadgets wouldn’t kill us!


Written by Ameera Noor

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