The Dhaka Food Review Drama In 2019

Food is not only a noun. It’s a culture, it’s an art. Us humans not only eat food to fulfill our daily nourishments but we also eat to satisfy our tastebuds. Then again there are certain people who would eat absolutely anything and everything, whether it tastes good or bad. On the other hand some loves to discover new cuisines and train their taste buds and appreciate the good food.
Dhaka is not a large city, but it has thousands of restaurants and cafés scattered allover. Once it was pretty hard to find a decent place to have proper thai food, but now the case is different. You can get almost all kinds of food in all parts of the city. But are all the restaurants worth the money?

Can they actually fulfill a true foodie’s taste bud? Are they able to provide us with the authentic taste? For example- Burgers are a big hit in Dhaka since the past 4-5 years. Before it used to be a piece of fried chicken pressed under a bun. But now it’s nothing but different kinds of “Sauce”. And any burger with the sauce is referred to be as “Juicy”. Do they even know what a juicy burger tastes like? The juice comes from the patty and not the sauce.Not going to mention any names, but some cafés/fast food chains/restaurants really leveled up the burger game with their gourmet burgers.

Let’s come to the point. So what is really going on in the food review Facebook groups? Seems like there’s kind of war going on between actual reviewers and paid reviewers. Recently “Chotobhai” uploaded a genuine review about a café and surprisingly the video was reported and taken off from facebook. And not only that, the restaurant was giving out free burgers to those who reported his Facebook page and the video. And, a renowned facebook food review group seemed to be a part of the free burger eaters. It’s a group where people reviews and posts about certain cafes offering meal with good amount of chicken and rice and some “bhejitabol”at 69 or 99 taka. I doubt their quality. And the reviews are something like this- “Best rice bowl ever. Must try for all foodies”.

“Chicken ta beshi joss”. “Onek beshi juicy chilo”.Like how do people even eat those. That chicken is nothing but another example of “Sauce”. It’s basically a group where people are given discounts for giving out such reviews. And if such discounts are not given they have their own way of defaming the establishment. Presenting “amar khabar ae chul keno”? Libe ae jabo. “Khabar ae cockroach” libe ae jabo. “Sauce koi” libe ae jabo and the infamous “Battery Baba”. Everyone wants to go on live and become famous by  reviewing restaurants as it seems to be the easy way. It’s very rare to find a decent and honest review in that particular group.

But the good thing is, there’s another such group which mainly focuses on the restaurants of tri state area. It’s a group with decent people giving out decent and honest reviews. It’s the only group with people who hates sauce burger and sauce chicken. By looking at the post and comments i can definitely say that the members of the group knows the art of the culinary world. They use the words like succulent, tender, over under cooked, seasoning, rendering and other culinary words and not the word “Juicy silo”.

Honestly speaking, I love to login to Facebook and look at all those dramas regarding food. Our food industry is growing everyday and our food culture is also becoming strong. Lets hope these dramas end for good and bring justice to food (sorry chotobhai).

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