World’s Greatest YouTuber PewDiePie Almost Getting Defeated by T-Series


Famous Swedish YouTuber whom we know as PewDiePie original named Felix, is almost getting caught by Indian YouTube channel T-Series. The subscriber difference between two channels are nearly about 50 thousand and T-series is catching up pretty fast which might result in ending PewDiePie’s legacy.


People from all over the world love and respect PewDiePie no matter what happens. We can see from PewDiePie’s Youtube channel that he is giving his best for keeping his streak alive and not letting T-series win. But it seems and suspected by many that T-series are using bots to increases their number of subscribers.

So guessing T-series are using bots for subscription we can say that T-series are using unfair means of becoming the most subscribed channel whereas even the most of the Indians prefer PewDiePie over T-series. We can see that every hour their difference are decreasing. People from all over the world are trying to help PewDiePie in whatever means they can and help him keep the greatest youtuber title.


But it doesn’t seem to help PewDiePie much now as we are very near to the end of a great legacy. All we want to say now is-” T-Series is nothing but a bitch lasagna”. Our prayers are with PewDiePie and wish for the best.


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