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Two Friends Fought Over Jaya Ahsan’s Newly Posted Instagram Photo Both Claiming They Love Her


Let me tell you something! Like every freaking time there is a new photo Jaya Ahsan posting there is a fight going on over social media or maybe real life. According to research Jaya Ahsan is wanted by the youth and she is also addressed as the national crush.

Now two friends who fought over her newly posted instagram photo are now hospitalized for taking their fight to a whole new level, both friends were very close and they always shared common interest but this was pretty unexpected as Rifat and Kashem were hanging out together at Lake Shore Hotel but then they both started stalking the national beloved figure as they both were alert about what they were doing.


They ended up in a fist fight and one of them knocked out the other turning it into a blood shed fight turning it into a carnage of street racing. Our prayers are with both of the souls, let’s pray for their recovery ASAP.  


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