The Ugly Roar Of The #MeToo Scandal


All the people with inner Sherlock Homes hidden in them, kept their ears open and eyes broadened to gulp down all the tea regarding the life of Bollywood celebs, do know about the recent #MeToo stories that have recently caused people to roar all over Instagram. An interesting one that has been well spotted by the audience is about how people dragged Sonam Kapoor to dirt as she spoke against a self-made star Kangana Ranaut.


The famous film director Vikas Bahl have been accused of sexual assault by a women employee. The women claimed this on October 2015 by unravelling the matter to Anurag Kashyup, to bring light to the truth about the injustice that was done to her by Vikas Bahl on May 2015. But Anurag remained silent and did not bring the matter to the attention of people. However, the report of the sexual harassment along with the news of phantom films getting banned was published recently this week on Saturday. The news getting published created the spark of confidence in Kangana Ranaut and she spoke up her #MeToo story regarding Vikas Bahl. She claimed that Vikas Bahl acted creepy when they greeted, she quoted,” he’d burry his face in my neck, hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair.” She also threw allegations on Vikas Bahl that he had several sexual partners even after being married and he used to proudly brag about it. These statements gave a lot of us goosebumps already. Furthermore, Kangana stated that she believes all the allegations of the women employee against Vikas and she knew regarding the matter previously and expected the matter to get exposed even more earlier. This matter has pleased a lot of people towards Kangana and she received a plenty of appreciations for opening up.


What spiced the matter up and fueled the roar, is the reply of Sonam Kapoor regarding Kangana Ranaut’s #MeToo story. Reports say that Sonam stated,” It is hard to take Kangana seriously…” this made Kangana upset and she backlashed at her by asking her who she is to judge her #MeToo story and She mentioned that she is not a star because of her own dad and came to the position she is in today with her own efforts and hard work. By mentioning about her dad not having any hand in her stardom she tried to take the whole matter back on Sonam as a fitting reply. To which later Sonam replied to by posting a picture on Instagram and mentioning,” Women need to stand together! Irresponsible media have misquoted me or taken my quote out of context and made other women react.” By mentioning about media being irresponsible Sonam denied the reports and she tries to say that the media deliberately did this to lead to a series of controversies. To this post of Sonam, some people dragged her even more to dirt saying that she posted this to cunningly cover up her wrong sayings against Kangana. Again on the other hand, some of the people appreciated her post and mentioned that her act won their hearts. For now, what actually everyone is curiously waiting for is what the reply of Kangana will be.


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