Solaiman Shukhon Demands a Nobel Peace Prize

We have all heard of Solaiman Shukhon haven’t we?.If you didn’t, he is one of the best self-proclaimed motivational speaker of Bangladesh. Let me give you guys some background into his life.He suddenly popped up in the celebrity scene of Bangladesh after leaving the navy.As he could not get a decent job like the rest of us,he turned to motivational speaking where he talks non-stop about the days when he did not have enough money to eat a decent meal.He also talks about his car.He remembers the sad days when he had to ride the public busses like the ordinary public of Bangladesh.

So,I took an exclusive interview of where he said that he deserves a Noble Peace Prize for speaking to teenagers and writing a book!. Oh , I forgot to mention that he wrote a book which consists of a compilation of all his Facebook Posts.He also confessed to me that the Noble Prize committee has not reached out to him as of yet, but he is hopeful that he will receive the prize shortly.I mean who else are they going to give the prize to?, a person who has actually helped the country?

Above is a picture of him, this is how he would look like beside the Rabindranath Tagore when he receives the prize!.

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