Miss Bangladesh 2018 Oishee Deserves Respect Or Not?


A very trending name nowadays, but do she deserves our support? Let’s know her background.
She was born on a middle-class family with her father is an ordinary development worker and her mother is a teacher. Her current age is 18 years and she have just completed her higher second education (HSC). At this point of life, how many of us have thought to even represent our area? Let’s not even talk about country.


Now it’s up to you whether you call it luck or whatever, her dream was just to come in Dhaka from her place Pirojpur to get admitted at any prestigious public university and continue her studies like any other ordinary. It’s maybe her purity of the soul which brought her in a place where she is representing her nation of 200 million, in front of the 7 billion people inside the globe.

Her intentions are very fine and priceless and that’s what is taking her to places today. She have successfully beat 30,000 contestants who have applied for Miss Bangladesh, got her place secured in the Final 10 and successfully won the title of Miss Bangladesh 2018. On 8th of December, she will be representing our entire nation in the Final 30, where none of the Miss Bangladeshi been to. That too, being just an 18 year old.


Now it’s you to decide, whether you respect and show your support to an ordinary 18 year old, who is just a few more steps away to chase her dreams?


Written by Adnan Aftab

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